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Shallow to promote Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer as first female duo to call NFL games

Alex Reimer
September 26, 2018 - 12:41 pm

Veteran sports broadcasters Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer are going to call “Thursday Night Football” on Amazon Prime, beginning with this week’s matchup between the Rams and Vikings. It’s the first time two female announcers will call an NFL game, which Amazon was sure to highlight in its press release.

“NFL fans will hear history made this season - bringing two female announcers together to call an entire NFL game has never been done before,” said Greg Hart, Vice President of Prime Video. “Our customers around the world love to stream football - we are thrilled to have Andrea and Hannah bring their extensive knowledge of the game to fans on Prime Video.”

Amazon’s central selling point behind the Storm-Kremer team is the uniqueness of their partnership. Kremer alludes to the gender contrast as well, highlighting the “different voice” they’ll bring to the primetime broadcast.

“Teaming up with Hannah and Amazon for this is truly special,” Kremer said in the release. “Hannah is a brilliant journalist and she has been a friend for many years. With decades of experience as storytellers, we will be bringing a different voice and viewpoint to covering the game of football.”

It’s understandable Amazon wants to flaunt the historical significance of two women teaming up to call an NFL game. But it’s shallow to sell that as the main attraction to checking out their stream over Joe Buck and Troy Aikman's call on standard television. Kremer and Storm are both well-accomplished broadcasters, with the former covering 25 Super Bowls. Presumably, they’re being put together for more reasons than the fact that both of their bodies produce estrogen. It would’ve been nice if Amazon’s press release touched on some of the other reasons to watch them, besides the gender contrast.

Advertising an announcing team as “different” for the sake of it makes the whole production come across as a novelty act. Storm and Kremer deserve better than to be sideshows. 

And if that’s the main logic behind putting them together, then Amazon is making a mistake. “Different” is not a synonym for “good.”

Given their experiences, Storm and Kremer should be able to deliver a compelling, entertaining and informative broadcast. Too bad that doesn’t appear to be the drawing point.