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Jaguars beat the Patriots and started talking trash. Now they're melting down.

Alex Reimer
October 15, 2018 - 3:18 pm

The Jaguars compared their Week 2 triumph over the Patriots to winning the Super Bowl. Since then, they’ve dropped three of four games. 

It’s another sign that order has been restored in the AFC.

Just last month, it looked like the top of the AFC was on the verge of getting reshuffled. The Patriots didn’t appear to be over their offseason turmoil, losing two straight blowouts to Jacksonville and the hapless Lions. But it’s apparent the Jaguars haven’t responded well to their newfound success. Take them off the board, at least for now. 

Their previously unstoppable defense has allowed 70 points to the Chiefs and Cowboys over the last two weeks, putting Jalen Ramsey in the unfamiliar position of responding to failure. And the brash cornerback hasn’t conducted himself well. Two weeks ago, after dismissing Tyreek Hill’s ability as a receiver, Ramsey allowed the game-breaker to burn him for three catches and 58 yards –– nearly 20 yards per reception. Days later, Ramsey seemed agitated about Stephon Gilmore chalking up his success to playing zone coverage, calling the veteran’s barbs “corny.” The Jacksonville defense went on to surrender 40 points to the lousy Cowboys offense Sunday, six of which came when Ramsey appeared to give up on tackling Cole Beasley before the slot receiver found his way to the end zone.

When asked about the Jaguars’ recent struggles Sunday, Ramsey was pouty with the press. Suddenly, he was at a loss for words.

For those keeping track, that was six “I don’t knows” in a 71-second span.

Since the Jacksonville defense is struggling, the team desperately needs Blake Bortles to take that next step and actually become a competent quarterback on a weekly basis. No dice. He went 15-for-26 for 149 yards in Sunday’s 40-7 loss, and threw an interception into triple coverage in the second half. The Jaguars only recorded one first down over the first two periods.

The 4-2 Patriots, fresh off an incredible victory over the Chiefs Sunday night, are riding a three-game winning streak and are on track to contend for home field advantage throughout the playoffs once more. While the Chiefs remain formidable opponents, the Jaguars have seemingly fallen to the wayside, like so many teams before them.