Jermaine Wiggins defends Tom Brady's honor on M&C against hater Nick Wright: 'You don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about!'

Alex Reimer
January 22, 2019 - 12:10 pm

FS1 talking head Nick Wright is one of many national hot take monsters who’s looking to discredit Tom Brady after he led the Patriots on three touchdown drives in the fourth quarter and overtime to seal their incredible 37-31 win over the Chiefs Sunday. It’s sick and tiring to hear. Luckily, Jermaine Wiggins is here to defend our region’s honor. 

Not all heroes wear capes. 

In a combative interview Tuesday on “Mut & Callahan,” Wiggy went head-to-head with Wright, who said on his show, “First Things First,” that Brady did not play well in the AFC championship up until Dee Ford stepped offsides with two minutes remaining in regulation.

“After the Chiefs take a 28-24 lead, you thought Brady played a great game?,” Wright asked. “ I just want to make sure I understand. You thought with two minutes left in that football game, Brady was one of the main contributors for the Pats? I would’ve said Bill Belichick first, Sony Michel second, and their pass and run blocking schemes.”

Wiggy, who’s played in a Wild Card playoff game, in case you didn’t know, was taking none of Wright’s caveated analysis. 

“Those interceptions, if you watch the game, weren’t on Brady,” he said. “They were on Edelman for the drop and Gronkowski. You push the narrative of ‘What if’s’ after the game –– ‘Brady was only good because Dee Ford jumped offsides.’ Look at Brady. He had a great game. He made a bad decision at the goal line … you didn’t watch the game. You don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about.”

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Wright denies he suffers from “Brady Derangement Syndrome.” Instead, he says he just calls the action like he sees it.

“I think people are ready for something new,” Wright said. “I think people find any dynastic run like this tiresome. I also think this is what’s happened –– and I say this as respectfully as I can –– when you have a 20-year run as unparalleled success, and you have a coach who’s universally accepted as the greatest coach ever, and a quarterback who’s universally accepted as the greatest quarterback ever, that doesn’t fit what I feel like is the Boston sports fan motif, which is, ‘Everyone hates us, no one believes in us.’ Because of that, you create straw man arguments, and you make yourself sound ridiculous saying, ‘Brady, up to that point in the game when he had one touchdown, two picks and 160 yards passing, actually, that was one of his best performances.’”

It was one of Brady’s best performances, Nick. In the words of J-Wig, that’s not fandom. It’s “factom.”