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Jess Mendoza says there 'isn't a bad seat' at Fenway 'Stadium'

Alex Reimer
September 10, 2018 - 9:02 am

Jess Mendoza has made many trips to Fenway Park during her time as lead analyst for “Sunday Night Baseball.” But apparently, she’s never stepped down from the broadcast booth into the seats. 

Early in Sunday night’s game between the Red Sox and Astros, the much-maligned commentator made perhaps her most egregious statement yet. When talking about Fenway Park, Mendoza claimed there "isn't a bad seat" in “the stadium.” That, of course, is completely wrong. There are lots of bad seats at Fenway Park –– err, “Stadium.”. So many, in fact, at least six websites and blogs dedicated to the phenomenon. 

Most infamously, there are many seats in the Fenway grandstands that are situated behind poles. These are not good seats by any measure. As Boston Herald scribe and noted baseball historian Steve Buckley points out, almost all of Section 3 in right field is obstructed view. 

Beyond the pole issues, seats in the right field grandstands also happen to face the centerfield bleachers instead of home plate. Those are bad seats as well. 

Unsurprisingly, neither play-by-play man Matt Vasgersian nor Alex Rodriguez challenged Mendoza on her outrageous claim. There’s no time for debate when you’ve got to make time for an interview with Joe Kelly about flicking sunflower seeds in the bullpen.