Jim Irsay's unhinged postgame speech shows true reason why Josh McDaniels may have turned down Colts job

Alex Reimer
January 07, 2019 - 11:23 am

As Andrew Luck picked apart the Texans’ defense Saturday, it was baffling to think about why Josh McDaniels turned down the opportunity to coach one of the game’s best quarterbacks in the prime of his career. Sure, Luck is coming off an extensive shoulder injury, but few ailments are fatal in the world of modern medicine. Adrian Peterson won the NFL MVP less than one year after tearing his ACL. Anything is possible.

But for those who stuck around and watched Colts owner Jim Irsay address his team post-game saw maybe one of the biggest possible reasons McDaniels decided to spur Indianapolis and return to the Patriots. Can you imagine working for that lunatic?

It is impossible to transcribe Irsay’s dizzying pep talk, so let’s allow the magic to speak for itself. At one point, he calls himself a “rainmaker,” and also insists with his players he’s not being a “scrooge” after asking if they could score 31 points next week.

Oh, and Irsay lauds his team’s ability to come back from a 14-point deficit, which they did in Week 16 against the Giants. Maybe he was watching the game on DVR and got confused.

With Luck’s status uncertain heading into the season –– remember, the Colts removed him for Jacoby Brissett late in their Week 3 loss against the Eagles because they didn’t trust him to throw a Hail Mary –– maybe Irsay’s erratic behavior was the deciding factor for McDaniels. As Peyton Manning showed, a great quarterback can nullify Irsay’s inanity. But it wasn’t certain Luck was going to be great. 

The Patriots are reportedly preparing for McDaniels to depart this year, perhaps to either the Packers or Browns. So it looks like he’ll be able to coach an elite, or soon-to-be elite, quarterback anyway. Irsay may have scared him away from Luck. 

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