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Jason Whitlock compares Jimmy G to Tiger Woods for porn star date: is there an 'addiction issue?'

Alex Reimer
July 26, 2018 - 9:20 am

Move over Gerry Callahan and Glenn Ordway. The dumbest take about Jimmy Garoppolo’s dinner date with adult film star Kiara Mia belongs to FS1’s Jason Whitlock.

Garoppolo addressed his much-maligned evening with the star of “Bra Busters 4”  on Wednesday, chalking up the episode as a “learning experience.” It doesn’t seem like a second date is going to happen, despite Mia’s glowing reviews of the experience. 

The criticism that’s been levied at Garoppolo for taking a woman out to dinner is ridiculous, and indicative of the stigma against porn stars. They clanked glasses and then spent the night together at the Four Seasons. There’s nothing untoward about that. 

But according to Whitlock, the fact that Garoppolo even opted to be seen in public with Mia is a sign of potential personal decadence. “The only thing that’s going to put it to bed is great play,” Whitlock said on “Speak for Yourself” Wednesday. “That’s how you put a situation to bed. If he does not play well, he’s exposed something about himself that will be used against him. He’s got a freaky side, a real freaky side. Again, it’s going to be like: is he distracted? Does he have some kind of addiction issue? Is he Tiger Woods? If he doesn’t play well, all of these questions are going to be asked.”

What? It’s not like Garoppolo starred in his own pornography, or was even videotaped engaging in PDA. Again, Garoppolo went to dinner with Mia. Tiger Woods was frisking around with Perkins waitresses in parking lots. The comparison is absurd. 

If Garoppolo doesn’t play well this season, it definitely won’t be because he spent an evening with a porn star in mid-July. The questions may be asked, but they’re meritless. 

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