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J.J. Redick gushes over Garden crowd: Mom says it was louder than Cameron Indoor Stadium

Alex Reimer
May 24, 2018 - 11:01 am

Joel Embiid wasn’t impressed with the Garden crowd when the Sixers played the Celtics last round. But J.J. Redick’s mother was.

In an interview on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Redick says his mom told him she thought the T.D. Garden was the loudest building she’s ever been inside –– including Cameron Indoor Stadium. That is high praise.

“My parents were at Game 5 and I went and saw them after the game before we got on the plane, and my mom was like that’s the loudest arena I’ve ever been in,” Redick said. “And she’s been in some pretty incredible arenas, including Cameron Indoor Stadium for some pretty big time Duke games. So for her to say that, it’s the truth. Their fans are nuts.”

By the end of the series, which the Celtics won in five games, Embiid changed his viewpoint on Celtics fans. Sixers guard Ben Simmons also lauded the Garden faithful, calling the fans “amazing.” 

Redick says the Sixers’ praise carried into their locker room. “Every guy on our team afterward was like, ‘That’s the loudest place that they’ve ever played,’” Redick said. “I was a little worried, I can’t remember if it was Game 1 or 2, it might have been both of them but they were later games, I think they were 8:30 starts. And I was like, ‘Oh man this is three and a half hours of drinking when these guys get off work and come to the game, like that worries me, they’re going to be extra loud.’”

The Celtics have certainly used their home crowd to their advantage this postseason. They’re undefeated at the Garden, which bodes well for a potential Game 7 against the Cavaliers Sunday night. 

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