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Joe Buck threw cute little barbs at Troy Aikman all night long during Patriots-Colts

Alex Reimer
October 05, 2018 - 9:40 am

Find someone who verbally tickles you the way Joe Buck verbally tickles Troy Aikman. That is true love. 

Patriots fans received a rare treat Thursday night, getting an opportunity to sample the Buck-Aikman team. Since Fox’s No. 1 crew typically calls the NFC game of the week, we seldom get exposed to Buck’s dulcet tones and Aikman’s piercing blue eyes. And it’s too bad. We have missed lots of fun barbs. 

While the action on the field was lacking at times –– Tom Brady methodically picked apart the depleted Colts defense in the first half and two sloppy Patriots turnovers allowed Indy back into the game in the second half –– Buck and Aikman seemed to entertain themselves just fine. Their opening standup set the tone for the evening, where Aikman was extolling the TB12 Method (much like Steve Tasker, Aikman appeared to just find out that Brady eats healthy and lives a clean lifestyle). 

After Aikman was finished, Buck said he’s happy Aikman never found the TB12 Method during his playing days, or else he wouldn’t be “sitting here” next to him in the booth. 

How cute. Away we went. 

Buck threw little jabs at Aikman throughout the telecast, often during a stop in the action. When Brady crossed the goal line for his first touchdown run of the season, Buck commented that Brady now has 18 rushing touchdowns in his career, while “Troy had nine.” But don’t worry, Buck says he wasn’t making fun of Aikman. After all, Buck “had zero.”

Few broadcasters have been more scrutinized than Buck, whose called every World Series since 1996 and five Super Bowls since 2004. His dry wit can make it appear as if he’s suffering from ennui, which frankly, is a refreshing change from Joe Tessitore and Co., who build up every play to be THE. BIGGEST. THING. EVER: THIRD. DOWN. 

In the second half of the underwhelming affair, Buck and Aikman spent some time poking fun at the platitudes offered by Bill Belichick and Andrew Luck during their meetings with the production team. Buck asked Aikman how he would enjoy trying to pry some insight out of Belichick at halftime, to which Aikman responded he would like it a lot better when the Patriots were leading 24-3 –– like they were Thursday.

Point taken. The boys also talked about Luck’s insistence that he’s taking things “one play at a time.” Aikman said he liked the approach, because that’s “usually how it goes.” Buck duly noted that “anything more would be a penalty.”

As someone who frequently rolls his eyes at X’s and O’s football jargon, my favorite exchange of the night came when Buck ribbed Aikman for being overly technical when describing Colts tight end Eric Ebron’s touchdown grab in the third quarter.

“Look at you talking ball –– seven-route,” Buck said. 

“Hey, that’s what we do. We talk ball, buddy,” Aikman replied.

“That’s what we do Thursday night on Fox. Eight-post. I heard all of that stuff,” Buck said on his way to commercial break.

While none of these lines are knee-slappers, obviously, it is refreshing to hear a telecast where the announcers actually appear to enjoy working with each other. The most important thing is having fun, right kids?