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Jonny Gomes says he nearly suffocated 'one fourth' of Rays teammates after they clinched 2008 AL East crown

Alex Reimer
August 07, 2018 - 9:57 am

Jonny Gomes says he almost suffocated his teammates when the 2008 Rays wrapped up the American League East division crown. The story is entirely believable.

The Athletic recently ran an oral history of the Rays’ miraculous World Series run, which happened just one season after they had gone 66-96. Jonny Gomes, who played with Tampa Bay for six seasons, was one of the ringleaders of the raucous division title celebration. The wild man proceeded to rip a fire extinguisher from the wall, and sprayed it in the shower, while many of his teammates were in there. 

“Imagine being 21 years old and going out for your first New Year’s Eve party. We didn’t know much how to party, and it became an utter blowout session every single time,” Gomes said, per the Athletic story. “So in Detroit, after we clinched there, nothing was safe. Whether it was champagne, tequila, Dr. Pepper or orange juice, it was getting splashed around.

Toward the end, a lot of the dudes jumped in the shower and I took the fire extinguisher off the wall and blasted the shower. Kind of as a joke. It came out almost like baby powder. But the fire extinguisher took the oxygen out of the air. So everyone comes out of the shower, they’re laughing, they can’t breathe.”

According to Gomes, he almost took out “a fourth” of the squad with his shenanigans. We would expect nothing less from the guy who wore a full American flag suit to the Red Sox’ 2013 White House championship visit. 

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