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Jonny Gomes invented new stat that makes no sense whatsoever

Alex Reimer
May 15, 2018 - 2:53 pm

Red Sox analyst Jonny Gomes teaches viewers at home so much about baseball every time he steps behind the microphone. He explains complicated concepts like switch-hitters and five-tool players, never leaving even the most minute details in doubt. 

On Monday, Gomes took his insights to a new level while calling Red Sox-A’s from Fenway Park. The ex-outfielder unveiled a new statistic during the telecast that makes no mathematical sense whatsoever. It will be shocking if the Red Sox don’t move him to the analytics department before Tuesday’s game.

While plus-minus is all the rage in the NBA and NHL, there’s no equivalent stat in baseball. So Gomes created his own. You see, Gomes likes to add a player’s RBI and runs together, and then measures that against how many games he’s played. As Gomes explained, if a player has 23 runs and RBI in 15 games, that means he’s plus-8.

That sounds good, except for the fact it’s completely random and based off an arbitrary formula. Also, players get credit for both one run scored and RBI when they hit a home run. So there’s a big problem with the calculation. 

But great thinkers take time to perfect their discoveries. Albert Einstein didn’t come up with the Theory of Relativity in a day. Gomes deserves some leeway to let his brilliance shine.