Blues goalie Jordan Binnington threw cheap elbow at David Backes' face –– and clandestine shot went largely unnoticed

Alex Reimer
May 28, 2019 - 10:20 am

It got testy between the Bruins and Blues in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final Monday, with St. Louis being whistled for five penalties and a helmet-less Torey Krug barreling into Robert Thomas –– after David Perron had assaulted Krug on the other end of the ice and was allowed to play on. 

But maybe the cheapest hit went relatively unnoticed in real time. With 5:10 remaining in the second period, Blues goalie Jordan Binnington threw an elbow at David Backes' face in the front of the net. The act was not called, because the officials probably weren’t even watching. Binnington was given leeway to throw some sauce at the ex-Blues captain, and he took advantage of the opportunity.

It’s worth mentioning the NHL press, which has spent the entire postseason pear-clutching over Brad Marchand’s irritant antics, didn’t call out Binnington for his elbow. It’s hard to imagine they would have the same muted reaction if somebody wearing black and gold were responsible for the clandestine shot.

The Bruins locker room probably took note of the play, however, and could carry those feelings into Game 2. Backes took a beating against his former team, as he was also victim to a high-sticking penalty from defenseman Joel Edmundson in the second period. 

Hockey series are better when there’s bad blood, and we certainly received a large dose of it at the Garden Monday. It's apparent Marchand wanted to send some sort of message to Binnington, lightly elbowing him in the chest during a stoppage in play early in the third period.

These teams will be ready to rumble on Wednesday night. 

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