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Kendrick Perkins' feud with Warriors is only entertaining thing about NBA Finals

Alex Reimer
June 08, 2018 - 11:30 am

The Cavs had two chances to add drama to their third straight NBA Finals matchup against the Warriors. But J.R. Smith forgot the score and Kevin Durant dropped 43 points. Now there is absolutely no intrigue entering Game 4 Friday.

That is, unless Cleveland says to hell with it, and puts Kendrick Perkins on the floor. His ongoing feud with the Warriors is the only entertaining thing left in this series. The possibility of Perkins getting out there is far more enticing than watching LeBron James drop 40 points in another losing effort. 

Big Perk, who’s played in eight games this postseason –– which is eight more than I had thought, frankly –– started his shenanigans at the end of Game 2 when he tried to trip Steph Curry

After the game, Perkins didn’t appear to have much remorse. “I don’t know why people keep wanting to pick battles this way,” he told the Globe’s Gary Washburn. “Might want to choose that (expletive) wisely, man, (rather) than [bleeping> with me. I don’t think I’m the problem that they want, though, might want to pick another battle.”

Curry downplayed his confrontation with Perkins postgame, which is the right move. No need for one of the best players in the league to attention to a guy who doesn’t dress.

But Kevin Durant took a different approach Wednesday when Perkins flipped him two birds during his postgame presser. See if you can read Durant’s lips at the 7:48 mark in the video below. 

Mouthed cuss words aside, Durant says he took the middle fingers as a gesture of endearment. “Always good be around Perk, especially in this environment when he's at his best with his one-liners, antics,” he told the Athletic. “I knew something was coming when he turned the corner. Didn't know the double birds was coming. That's Perk.”

Cavs coach Ty Lue must get Perkins out of his suit and into basketball shorts Friday. Doesn’t he know the Celtics never lost a playoff series with the Rondo-Allen-Pierce-Garnett-Perkins lineup?