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Kevin McHale faces immense backlash for attending Donald Trump rally

Alex Reimer
June 21, 2018 - 10:35 am

Kevin McHale is facing backlash for the crime of attending President Trump’s rally in Minnesota Wednesday. 

The NBA Hall of Famer and Celtics great was photographed standing behind Trump, who held one of his freewheeling campaign-like events in Duluth, Minn. When the picture surfaced on social media, some called for McHale to never work in the league again. He’s currently an analyst for TNT.

“Kevin McHale is extremely stupid for attending a public Trump event. That, as much as his politics, is why he should never work in the NBA again,” wrote Nathaniel Friedman, GQ contributor and co-founder of the popular “Free Darko” blog.

“Kevin McHale just became the other side of Colin Kaepernick. Hard to see him ever coaching again in the NBA,” added Bleacher Report scribe Kelly Scaletta, who vigorously defended his tweet, and subsequently lost his mind, on “Kirk & Callahan” Thursday.

McHale’s last coaching stop was in Houston, where he led the Rockets from 2011-15. He was canned at the beginning of the 2015-16 campaign following a 4-7 start. Previously, McHale worked in the Timberwolves organization from 1993-2009, serving as general manager and head coach. 

It’s absurd to advocate for McHale to lose his broadcasting job because of his decision to attend Trump’s rally. People should not be fired for their political beliefs alone. That’s a grotesque violation of the American values that Trump’s critics accuse him of violating. 

But Trump is exceptionally unpopular in NBA circles, with LeBron James proclaiming no team will ever visit the White House as long as Trump is in office. During any future job interview, it would be reasonable for a team to ask McHale about his apparent Trump support, because it could affect his relationship with players. 

While the extent of McHale’s Trump fandom is unknown, it seems as if his wife is a full-fledged member of the MAGA brigade. Her now-deleted Twitter account featured several tweets supporting the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” border policy, which resulted in at least 2,000 kids getting separated from their parents in a span of six weeks. 

The daycare comparison is a real winner. At least ex-Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo’s wife is off the hook for her alleged burner accounts. 

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