LeBron James getting criticized for having fun at son's basketball game is new low

Alex Reimer
July 31, 2019 - 2:29 pm

So let’s get this straight: LeBron James is being lambasted by the likes of Jason Whitlock and Shannon Sharpe for participating in his son’s AAU team’s pre-game lay-up line and briefly jumping onto the court following an alley-oop from two of his son’s teammates. 

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How weird. 

Whitlock, a self-appointed contrarian of evils such as political correctness and Colin Kaepernick, said LeBron was shamelessly using Bronny James’ AAU contest as a platform to promote himself. "It's inappropriate," Whitlock said on FS1. "It points to how much fame has inevitably changed LeBron over the past decade. Fame is a drug more potent and dangerous than cocaine. LeBron is a fame and social media junkie. He moved to Los Angeles looking for a better high." 

Sharpe echoed his colleague’s criticisms, saying LeBron was taking away from Bronny and the other kids on the team.


Put yourselves in the LeBron-branded shoes of a 14-year-old basketball player. Wouldn’t it be enthralling to have one of the greatest of all-time dunking during your mundane pre-game warm-ups, and downright motivating to see him race onto the court following a big play –– while losing his shoe in the process? 

Also, he’s LeBron James. He is not “Dad with the golf polo” crashing the lay-up line from the back of the bleachers. It’s OK for LeBron to carry himself like a celebrity, because, well, he is. 

LeBron is not trying to use his son’s AAU game as a platform to boost his brand. He’s supporting his kid, and having a little fun while doing it.

In other words, he is doing absolutely nothing wrong. It’s far more endearing behavior than nagging the coach about your kid’s playing time, which is undoubtedly what some of the other parents were up to while LeBron was committing the crime of enjoying himself at his son's game. 

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