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Martellus Bennett tweets out scathing criticism of Columbus Day

Alex Reimer
October 08, 2018 - 2:00 pm

Former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett gave a more forthright assessment about Christopher Columbus in six tweets than most kids learn the entire time they’re in grammar school. 

On Monday, the outspoken Bennett marked the Columbus Day holiday with a blunt reminder of who the revered Italian explorer actually was, and the atrocities he helped commit. “Still don't know how Christopher Columbus has a national holiday,” Bennett wrote. “He raped, sold children into sexual slavery, murdered and stole. The more I type the more it makes sense that its celebrated here in the states.”

While the latter portion of Bennett’s tweet is up for debate –– though all of you beloved WEEI fans probably know where I stand –– the first half is entirely accurate. As historian Howard Zinn outlines, Columbus started the slave trade, sending the native people of Hispaniola off to Spain, where roughly 40 percent died en route. The population of native people in Hispaniola declined rapidly after coming into contact with Columbus and his crew, too.

Oh, and as Bennett also mentions, Columbus wasn’t even the first person to discover North America. That would be Vikings explorer Leif Eriksson, who beat Columbus by 500 years.


One can only wonder if Bennett, who was relatively uncensored in Foxboro, would’ve posted this thread if he still played for the Patriots.