Max Kellerman denies farting loudly seven times during 'First Take' segment

Alex Reimer
April 17, 2019 - 9:43 am

Something on the “First Take” set finally stinks more than Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman’s takes. On Monday's program, in the midst of an argument about Kevin Durant’s ejection in the Warriors shocking defeat to the Clippers, Kellerman seemingly farted seven times, according to an astute Reddit user. The segment only lasted six-and-a-half minutes, so that’s an impressive ratio. 

Kellerman can be heard trying to clear his throat twice, but to no avail.

ESPN’s Dan Le Batard tried to get to the bottom of the story on his radio show, but to no avail. Kellerman denied the accusation. 

“Right before I got off the set I saw this, right before the last commercial break, and I tried to listen for it and I couldn’t hear it,” Kellerman said, per the New York Post. “Even just now when you played it, I couldn’t hear it. But let’s say there was that noise, I don’t know who dealt it. It wasn’t me, that’s all I can tell you.”

Kellerman’s denial isn’t surprising, considering he won’t even fess up to his trademark take about Tom Brady falling off the cliff. But as the old adage goes, whoever cleared his throat dealt it, right? 

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