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Max Kellerman keeps defending Aaron Rodgers for the same stuff he would use to bash Tom Brady

Alex Reimer
November 28, 2018 - 12:10 pm

We didn’t need any additional evidence to expose Max Kellerman’s Brady-hating agenda. But in case there was any doubt, allow us to present his defense of Aaron Rodgers this week, in the wake of his sixth road loss this season.

On “First Take,” Kellerman praised Rodgers for winning eight straight games to reach the playoffs in 2016, after the quarterback had promised his team would run the table. 

“Aaron Rodgers has more sway over the outcome of a game in the NFL than any player I have ever seen in my lifetime,” Kellerman declared.

If that’s the case, then surely Kellerman blames Rodgers for the Packers’ 4-6-1 record this season, right? Wrong. He tweeted Tuesday that Rodgers is the “GOAT,” with the appropriate corresponding emoji, of course.

Unsurprisingly, Kellerman’s argument is hypocritical and makes no sense. He says Rodgers influences the outcome of a game more than any player he’s ever seen, but yet, Kellerman apparently doesn’t hold Rodgers’ 0-37 lifetime record when trailing by one point in the fourth quarter to teams with winning records against him. 

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy deserves lots of blame for Green Bay’s disappointing season. The team doesn’t appear prepared to play, as evidenced by Ty Montgomery’s fumble out of the end zone in Los Angeles or Tramon Williams’ fumble on a punt return last week in Minnesota. 

But Rodgers isn’t blameless for these losses, either. He threw a short pass on a critical 3rd-and-2 in Seattle a few weeks ago, and overthrew Davante Adams on what would’ve been a surefire touchdown late in the fourth quarter Sunday. If Brady struggled on the road like this, Kellerman would be ready to push him off the cliff. 

Bash Brady all you want. But consistency is all we ask for.