Hell has frozen over: Even Max Kellerman thinks Tom Brady deserves contract extension

Alex Reimer
August 02, 2019 - 11:33 am

Hell has frozen over at the WorldWide Leader. Max Kellerman is supporting Tom Brady.

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On “First Take” Thursday, one of Brady’s chief antagonists declared he thinks TB12 is worthy of a contract extension. Brady, who will turn 42 years old Saturday, is entering the final season of his deal. “I’m pro-Tom Brady in this circumstance,” Kellerman said. “Tom Brady has always worked with the Patriots to renegotiate his deal. … But, at a certain point, he deserves to be rewarded for that. So, it is foul for the Patriots or for anyone to question Tom Brady about his contract or to make him play it out.”

In an ironic twist of hot take fate, this week was the three-year anniversary of Kellerman’s ill-fated prediction about Brady falling off a cliff. The Patriots’ QB has gone on to reach the Super Bowl in every season since, winning two of them and also capturing the Super Bowl MVP award in 2017.

Earlier this week, Brady jokingly told reporters to “ask Mr. Kraft” about his lack of a new deal. NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran suggests Brady threw out that quip, because there’s no need to ask Bill Belichick where he stands on the matter. Judging by history, Belchick is probably apprehensive about extending a 42-year-old QB for multiple years, and would prefer to wait out the season. 

Even if Brady starts the regular season without a new contract, it remains nearly impossible to imagine him leaving New England. Even Chris Simms, another Brady critic, can’t picture the scenario.

“He might as well be ‘Tom Kraft Brady,” Simms said Thursday on Pro Football Talk Live. “No freaking way (he will play elsewhere).”

As we always say around here: if Kellerman and Simms are proclaiming something, it must be correct. 

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