Damien Woody lashes out at Kellerman for Brady hate: 'Where the hell do you get lucky from?'

Alex Reimer
January 21, 2019 - 12:31 pm

It took two years, but it looks like Max Kellerman’s “First Take” cohorts are finally as sick of his contrived and vapid anti-Brady takes as the rest of us. 

On the show Monday, Kellerman ridiculously proclaimed Tom Brady’s performance Sunday against the Chiefs was lucky. Brady converted 13 third downs in the Patriots’ incredible 37-31 victory and led three straight touchdown drives to close out the contest. New England got the ball to start overtime and never looked back, icing the contest with a 13-play, 75-yard drive. 

“You’re asking, ‘Was (Brady) lucky?’  They literally won a coin flip!,” Kellerman said. “Of course he was lucky!”

Stephen A. Smith, who didn’t even flash an obligatory grin, told his partner it’s good he finds his unfounded Brady criticism amusing, because nobody else does.

Later, Damien Woody came in for the kill, challenging Kellerman on why he discounts Brady’s sensational performance on the field. “Max, how many times are you going to keep riding on this whole narrative, ‘Tom Brady is falling off the cliff, Tom Brady is lucky?,” Woody asked. “Where the hell do you get lucky? You can’t be lucky if you keep converting –– how many times did we see third down-and-long for the Patriots in that game?”

Kellerman hasn’t been dissed that badly since Tedy Bruschi told him last week he was struggling at his job. The jig is up. Even those who get paid to take Kellerman seriously just can’t seem to do it anymore. 

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