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Max Kellerman says he's the only person who can appreciate Tom Brady's greatness

Alex Reimer
September 11, 2018 - 10:58 am

Max Kellerman is the Master Troll. At one point, we have to just tip our caps and call him our daddy for continuing to be in our heads.

In July 2016, Kellerman predicted Tom Brady was going to “fall off the cliff.” Since then, Brady has played in two Super Bowls, completed the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all-time and won the NFL MVP at 40 years old. But yet, Kellerman hasn’t backed off, opening himself up to two years’ worth of beatings on the Boston sports radio airwaves.

On Monday, Kellerman continued his schtick, albeit with a slightly different twist. Brady had another terrific game in the Patriots’ season opener, throwing for 277 yards and three touchdowns. When confronted with those numbers, Kellerman said he doesn’t owe Brady an apology. In fact, he told his “First Take” cohorts he’s the only person who shouldn’t apologize to the GOAT. Allow him to explain:

“In fact, if you’re on the subject of apologies, everyone else owes Tom Brady an apology. I’m the only one who doesn’t,” Kellerman claimed to his confused-looking co-hosts. “ I’m the only one right now with the credibility to say, ‘Tom Brady, congratulations.’ Everyone else assumed he would do this, so no big deal. I’m the only one who sat down and looked at the history of football and saw that no MVP player continued at this age.”

Now that’s brilliant. Kellerman has managed to twist his words into an actual compliment of Brady. You see, he's the only one who looked at the situation objectively, and thus, he’s the only one who can truly appreciate this moment in history. Well done.

“Yesterday, Tom Brady actually did something,” Kellerman continued. “He reset the record of what is possible. He is now, at this moment, one single game past the cliff. He has defied the prediction by one game. Every single time he does that, he resets the record. Are people aware of this? It’s never been done before.”

Kellerman, like every good performer, is switching up his act. Bravo.