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Media executive calls out Barstool for being sexist, and gets exposed as massive misogynist

Alex Reimer
October 20, 2017 - 11:24 am

Barstool Sports’ late-night show debuted on ESPN this week, and brought plenty of controversy along with it. ESPN anchor Sam Ponder posted excerpts from a misogynistic blog entry founder David Portnoy wrote about her in 2014, incorrectly attributing it to Dan “Big Cat” Katz, one of the co-hosts of “Barstool Van Talk” with PFT Commenter. 

Ponder’s tweets prompted widespread backlash against Barstool, with numerous female and male sports media figures calling for ESPN to end its partnership with the company. One of those voices was Adam Best, the founder of FanSided, which was acquired by Time Inc. in 2015. 

“Men who work in sports need to speak out against Barstool Sports,” Best wrote on Tuesday. “They are a disgusting outlet no one should take seriously, including ESPN.”

Best’s condemnation caught the attention of Barstool employee Eric Nathan, who tweets at the handle “@BarstoolNate.” Nathan went through FanSided’s archives, finding old posts that portray women in an objectifying manner. 

When Best dismissed Nathan’s efforts, he went through the executive’s old tweets. The result was perhaps the biggest beatdown in Internet history. 

It kept getting worse, prompting Best to delete over 20,000 tweets.

Finally, Best relented with an apology early Friday morning.

While it’s more than fair to call out Barstool for its misogynistic tone, you better make sure you’re not guilty of even worse infractions. Best was exposed as a total hypocrite, and it was beyond enjoyable to watch. Fraudulence is such a repulsive trait. 

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