Mike 'Mut Man' Mutnansky reaches new low with takes about Alex Cora being on hot seat and Red Sox trading Mookie Betts

Alex Reimer
April 03, 2019 - 10:23 am

Mike Mutnansky has a long track record of saying stupid things on the WEEI airwaves. This is a man who once told his audience Tom Brady got bit by a dog during Super Bowl week and dazzled us with his knowledge of “Clearance Clearwater Revival.” But his recent Red Sox takes about Alex Cora being on the hot seat and Mookie Betts potentially getting traded before his contract expires usurp any malapropism or erroneous factoid. 

Even marC “I call them the ‘blowpen'” James thinks the Mut Man is trying too hard.

Prior to Red Sox Opening Day in Seattle, Mut declared the team would face “corn adversity” this season. We later found out he meant Cora would face adversity, which makes even less sense. The guy won a World Series in his rookie season and his players seem to love him. It will take much more than some early April losses on the West Coast to make Cora feel even a modicum of discomfort. 

Sensing the inanity of his hot Red Sox take, Mut changed the goal posts Wednesday. 

“Cora is going to deal with them not meeting expectations. That’s more questions from the media, more questions from the fan base,” Mutnansky said Wednesday. “How do you deal with things when they’re not going your way?” 

As Gerry Callahan pointed out, that’s not being on the hot seat. Mut also said players will be booed on Opening Day at Fenway Park next week if this losing continues, which is equally asinine. Doris Kearns Goodwin and the other dignitaries who attend the home opener are probably unaware the season has even started, to be honest. And plus, who boos the defending World Series champions less than two weeks into the season? 

Moving on, Mut (and producer extraordinaire Ken Laird) also argued Wednesday Betts will be dealt before he reaches free agency next year. “They’ll have to trade him in the offseason, and the Red Sox will have to explain to their fan base why they’ve just traded Mookie Betts,” he explained. “People’s frustration is going to be ratcheted up, because they’re supposed to win with Mookie Betts here before they trade him.”

When pushed for proof, Mut cited the Orioles trading Manny Machado to the Dodgers last summer. The difference, of course, is the Orioles won 47 games in 2018. The Red Sox will almost certainly be poised to compete for a championship in 2020, just like every other year.

Baseball teams with payrolls north of $200 million don’t trade star players because they might not re-sign them. The Red Sox have the money to retain Betts at any price he wants. The question is whether they think he’s worth the investment.

But even if they reach that conclusion, it won’t be until he hits the open market and other teams start bidding. The Red Sox don’t jettison star players due to financial considerations. There’s a better chance diehard Red Sox fan John Kerry boos Cora from the front row at Opening Day.