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Mike Tomlin on Steelers' resilience after beating Patriots: 'Sometimes you have to cut your eyelids off when you want to blink'

Alex Reimer
December 18, 2018 - 10:48 am

One could say the Steelers walked backwards into a victory over the Patriots, who lost because they “out-Steelers’d” the Black and Yellow. Tom Brady threw an atrocious red zone interception, they committed 14 penalties and dropped three passes –– two of which happened on third down. 

But in case anybody thought the Steelers were now a well-polished operation, Mike Tomlin revealed his true bumbling self in his postgame press conference. When asked about holding on to beat the Patriots after suffering three straight gut-wrenching losses, Tomlin shared a pretty gruesome metaphor. 

“Sometimes you have to cut your eyelids off when you want to blink,” he told reporters.

No followup questions were asked, but then again, none were required. It’s best to let an expression like that speak for itself. 

Tomlin, who has a long and glorious history of press conference malapropisms, also said the Steelers would “like to believe” they are the “common denominator in stories surrounding (them).” 

One would hope that’s the case. And this week, the story surrounding the Steelers has little to do with Ben Reothlisierger’s two interception or another missed field goal from reviled kicker Chris Boswell. It’s about a Pittsburgh defense that finally rattled Tom Brady and shut down Rob Gronkowski. As Tony Romo excitedly put it, it was the best Pittsburgh has played New England in years.

Tomlin reflected on the moment in vintage fashion.