Lou Merloni

Mustachioed Mut took over the Red Sox parade

Alex Reimer
October 31, 2018 - 2:25 pm

Mike Mutnansky refused to go to the Red Sox parade today due to supposed “prior commitments,” including an unnecessary haircut. But our boy was there in spirit.

Chris Curtis took Mut’s seat on Duck Boat No. 11 –– otherwise known as “Waterfront Wonda” –– and made his way down Back Bay alongside Red Sox legends such as Jim Rice and Jerry Remy. Throughout the ride, Curtis held out a giant poster of Mustachioed Mut, who presided over the proceedings like a king on his perch. 

Predictably, the fans went wild.

In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing Mut didn’t make his way to the Rolling Rally. If the people were that excited to just see his picture on the poster, imagine how they would’ve reacted if he were physically present. 

No word on whether Mustachioed Mut gets a World Series ring.