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NFL analyst Dan Fouts inexplicably chooses punter Ray Guy ahead of Tom Brady in all-time mock draft

Alex Reimer
July 17, 2017 - 11:14 am

Tom Brady is probably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. But in the eyes of CBS analyst Dan Fouts, he’s less valuable than a punter.

The MMQB held an NFL all-time mock draft recently with 12 panelists –– comprised of ex-players, general managers and current analysts –– who picked their dream teams through 26 rounds. Tom Brady was selected by Peter King at No. 9 overall, chosen after Hall of Famers such as Lawrence Taylor, Joe Greene, Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown. 

While Brady could have been the No. 1 overall pick, there’s an argument to be made for selecting some players ahead of him. The gap between Brady and some of the other all-time great quarterbacks, for example, may not be as great as the difference between tackle Anthony Munoz and others at his position. 

But Fouts, a Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the Chargers, couldn’t possibly offer a viable defense for his decision to pick punter Ray Guy with the No. 4 pick. But, he tried:

"I thought I would shock the world,” he explained. “Not that many punters had the impact Ray Guy did on a game. He came into the league the same year as me (1973), and I watched him affect games for so many years. He was such a weapon. And I thought I could get a great quarterback down the road, and I did. 

Fouts went with four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw, nabbing the Steelers great in the fifth round. While Bradshaw had a storied NFL career, his skill level pales in comparison to Brady. Bradshaw only completed 51.9 percent of his passes during his playing days, and his career QB rating is 70.9. 

Since the MMQB draft was little more than an activity to fill some space before training camp, Fouts’ inanity isn’t worth getting all that agitated over. Still, if he truly believes Ray Guy is a more valuable player than Tom Brady, his football analysis in the booth must be taken with little more than a grain of salt.

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