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Odell Beckham Jr. continues to compare his fiery sideline behavior to Tom Brady's

Alex Reimer
December 07, 2017 - 10:08 am

Odell Beckham Jr. continues to insist he carries himself just like Tom Brady. 

The flamboyant wide receiver went on a Twitter rant earlier this week about the apparent double-standard between how his fiery sideline behavior is perceived in comparison to Brady’s. The Patriots quarterback exploded at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sidelines Sunday during the Patriots’ 23-3 win over the Bills. 

On Wednesday, Beckham followed up his words with an Instagram video that splices together clips of him and Brady yelling on the field and sidelines.


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While Beckham may have a point in regards to touchdown celebrations –– Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce doesn’t receive flak for his elaborate routines –– the Brady comparison falls short. For starters, Brady is a five-time Super Bowl champion and the best quarterback who’s ever lived. Beckham, meanwhile, has only been to the playoffs once. He’s one of the most talented receivers in the game when healthy, but hasn’t built up a track record of success. 

Beckham’s antics are also different than Brady’s, too –– despite his insistence to the contrary. The 25-year-old has pretended to pee like a dog, proposed to the kicking net and removed his helmet during a touchdown celebration. Brady occasionally yells at coaches and teammates. 

Beckham has racked up more than $200,000 in fines during his career. The next time Brady gets fined for an excessive celebration will be the first. 

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