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In Oval Office signing, Donald Trump claims Robert Kraft loves new tax bill

Alex Reimer
December 22, 2017 - 1:37 pm

President Donald Trump says the massive tax overhaul legislation he signed into law Friday has Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s blessing.

During the Oval Office signing, Trump told reporters Kraft called to praise the overhaul. “He said this tax bill is incredible,” Trump said. “He owns the New England Patriots, but, he’s in the paper business, too. And he said based on this tax bill that he just wanted to let me know that he’s going to a buy a big plant in the great state of North Carolina, and he’s going to build a tremendous paper mill there — or paper products plant.”

The $1.5 trillion package lowers the corporate tax rate to 21 percent.

While Kraft hasn’t publicly commented on the bill, he lauded Trump’s economic plans in an interview earlier this year. 

“I think one of the great problems in the country today is the working poor, the middle class, that there hasn’t been growth in income on an equal basis, and I really think the policies he’s going to bring to bear are going to be great for the economic side of America,” Kraft told the New York Times.

Friday was not the first time Trump has brought up Kraft’s name in relation to tax policy. Over the summer, he said the Patriots’ owner advised him to increase taxes on the wealthy.

As it turns out, the top 1 percent will gain more than 80 percent of the bill’s benefits.