Paul Pierce proclaims he's better than Dwyane Wade, despite all evidence to contrary

Alex Reimer
April 06, 2019 - 10:57 am

Paul Pierce may be a couple of years removed from his playing days, but he’s still carrying his on-court braggadocio. In a segment on ESPN Friday, the Truth proclaimed he was a better player than Dwyane Wade, who will go down as one of the greatest guards of his era.

Pierce, who won one championship with the Celtics in 2008, says he would’ve captured five or six champions if he was part of a super team during the prime of his career. A transcript of the exchange is below, via Yahoo! Sports:

Beadle: Who’s the better NBA player?

Pierce: That’s easy! I can say that off the bat. That’s me. If you give me Shaq, if you give me LeBron ...

Jalen Rose: They did! It’s called the Big Three

Pierce: Yeah, we got that late. If you give me these guys earlier in my career ...

Beadle: Let me ask you this. What would have been a perfect time for you, Paul? Let’s make sure we get this right.

Pierce: When I was 24 years old, if you give me Shaq. When I'm 24 or 25 you give me LeBron and Bosh, I'd be sitting on five or six championships. Easy.

Pierce’s proclamations seem kind of silly, considering Wade bests him in nearly every statistical category of significance: points per game, field goal percentage, assists per game, steals per game and blocks per game. He’s also been elected to more All-Star teams and All-NBA clubs. 

Wade, who played his last game at the Garden Monday, also fired back at Pierce.

There’s nothing like stirring up controversy from the comforts of an air-conditioned TV studio.