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Peter King, who defended convicted rapist Darren Sharper's Hall of Fame eligibility, says he pulled All-Pro votes for Antonio Brown

Alex Reimer
January 06, 2019 - 10:20 am

Legendary NFL scribe Peter King, who’s said convicted serial rapist Darren Sharper should remain on the Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot, announced he is pulling his All-Pro support from Steelers wideout Antonio Brown.

During a recent interview with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, King said he couldn’t vote for Brown in “good conscience,” because of the erratic end to his season. Brown reportedly blew up at Ben Roethlisberger at practice last week and then missed all team activities leading up to the Steelers’ must-win game against the Bengals. Head coach Mike Tomlin inactivated Brown for the game, even though he showed up to the stadium.

“I thought about it, and I said, 'I can't in good conscience put a guy who took the equivalent of six percent of the season, and flushed it down the toilet when the Steelers were in a playoff implication game,’” King told Florio. “I ended up voting for Michael Thomas and I took Antonio Brown off my All-Pro ballot. I'm very, very serious about these votes, and they mean a lot to me. But if a guy takes six percent of his season and purposefully flushes it down the toilet, I can't vote for him for anything. He wouldn't be among my top 10 or 20 receivers for the season.”

Given King’s stance on Sharper, this is a peculiar position to take. It invites easy accusations of hypocrisy.

King could say the two issues are different, since Sharper’s violent crimes against women didn't affect his team on the field, whereas Brown’s petulant performance did. But that’s a tough argument to make. It’s essentially saying you think missing practice is a worse “football sin” than raping women.

Brown responded to King Saturday, saying his reaction is an example of a “system where you have no leverage.” Another chapter has been added to the drama in Pittsburgh. 

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