Stop the silliness: Kraft, Brady and Belichick aren't skipping Red Sox Opening Day due to Boston Globe's critical coverage

Alex Reimer
April 08, 2019 - 12:02 pm

The Patriots’ biggest stars snubbing the Red Sox on Opening Day seems like something taken from the collective imagination of the team’s Defend the Wall super fans. “Mut & Callahan” producer Chris Curtis reports Robert Kraft, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will all miss the joint World Series-Super Bowl celebration at Fenway Park Tuesday, which is a departure from previous springs. Just two years ago, Brady and Rob Gronkowski frolicked with each other on the hallowed Fenway grounds while Kraft and Belichick watched on. 

Now, Gronk will be going at it alone. Attendance might be thin, as Stephon Gilmore is the only other player who’s confirmed he will be there with the six Lombardi Trophies. 

In the Defend the Wall fantasy, Kraft is boycotting the festivities to extract revenge on John Henry for his newspaper’s breathless coverage of his misdemeanor charges for soliciting prostitution. Brady, who took a cross-country flight with Kraft on his private plane the weekend the charges were announced, is standing in solidarity with his owner, according to this concocted version of events. 

And Belichick, well, he just can’t be bothered with these sorts of festivities. No days off, unless you’re lounging in Barbados on the eve of free agency.

While the Patriots sticking it to the Boston Globe is an apparent dream of Pats fanboy nation, it’s ridiculous. Kraft probably isn’t thrilled with the Globe’s critical coverage of his case, with the broadsheet publishing multiple scathing op-eds about his case –– Bob Hohler spoke to anonymous Kraft family friends who said the Patriots’ owner is saddened about sullying his family’s good name –– and an open letter from survivors of the sex trade. But Kraft also knows Henry is the paper’s publisher, not editor-in-chief. It’s doubtful Henry is setting the Globe’s editorial agenda. 

Also, Kraft is still fighting his charges. It would be inappropriate, and frankly silly, for him to bask in the adulation of the Fenway Faithful for getting serviced at a seedy Florida day spa two times in less than 24 hours.

Besides, Henry has publicly lambasted his own paper for its negative Patriots coverage. During Super Bowl week, the Red Sox’ principal owner criticized an article alleging the Patriots have sunk in popularity, because ducklings in the Boston Garden weren’t decked out in team regalia leading up to the big game. 

It’s likely that Kraft and Henry, who have a combined net worth of nearly $9 billion, share far more commonalities than differences. 

Brady apparently holds Kraft in high-esteem, but do we really think TB12 is keeping tabs on the Boston Globe’s contents? Once again, Brady has vowed to spend more time with his family this offseason. It’s doubtful his absence represents some sort of stand. 

And the other question is, who would be Brady be standing against? Alex Cora, Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, the Boston sports fans who will be at Fenway? This ceremony is not about John Henry.

There may be some frosty feelings between the Red Sox and Patriots about some of the Globe’s recent material, such as the Aaron Hernandez Spotlight series. But an Opening Day boycott? Please. There’s a better chance Brady is spotted eating ice cream out of those helmets in the bleachers one humid summer evening. 

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