Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports

Patriots won ratings battle over Red Sox, but saw their audience take bigger hit

Alex Reimer
October 15, 2018 - 10:02 am

Eight of 10 people who were watching TV in Boston Sunday night were tuned to either the Red Sox or Patriots. The question is, what in the world were the other folks watching?

The Red Sox and Patriots went head-to-head Sunday, and predictably, the ratings numbers were strong for both teams. The Pats won the night, drawing a 33.7 rating for their Sunday night thriller against the Chiefs. But the Red Sox attracted a high number, too, checking in at 21.3 local household rating. Combined, the two clubs scored a 54.9 rating with 81 share. It’s hard to think of another market in the country where so many people would be locked into at least one sporting event on a given night. 

Despite going up against the Patriots, Red Sox-Astros finished just below the 23.9 local rating the Sox drew for their clinching game against the Yankees last Tuesday. It seems the scheduling conflict affected the Patriots more, as their Sunday night broadcasts typically draw household ratings close to 40 in Boston. Last October, for example, their Super Bowl rematch against the Falcons garnered a 38.2 rating in the city.

The Red Sox peaked with a 25.1 rating at 9:45 p.m., during halftime of the Patriots’ game. One can only wonder how high their rating would’ve been if they were in an exclusive window.