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Report: Red Sox targeting both J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer

Alex Reimer
December 14, 2017 - 3:46 pm

The Red Sox have acquired little more than a new beer partnership this offseason. But there are signs president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski is about to wake from his seeming early winter slumber. 

On Wednesday night, Dombrowski met with free agent slugger J.D. Martinez and his agent, Scott Boras. They’ve also reportedly been engaging with first baseman Eric Hosmer, who’s represented by Boras as well. Dombrowski spoke about this dilemma to’s Rob Bradford at the Winter Meetings.

"It is a difficult situation because you are weighing acting now and the future of what may take place,” Dombrowski said. “The difference is that there is one representative that controls a lot of players that we have interest, and generally takes a long time to make decisions," Dombrowski said. "You have to decide as an organization, not just us but other people, how you weigh waiting versus acting more quickly. We have a lot of conversations in those type of things. We go back and forth, gathering as much information as we can so we can make the best decisions possible and hopefully make the right one.”

But Dombrowski might be acting more aggressively than he’s letting on. That's because the Red Sox want to sign both Martinez and Hosmer, the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman reports. His source says Dombrowski has been targeting the two players. 

It would be quite a counterstrike to the Yankees, who traded for Giancarlo Stanton this week and are still roughly $30 million below the luxury tax threshold. Martinez, 30, has averaged 35 home runs over the last three seasons. He’s the elite power bat on the free agent market this winter, and the most sensible fit for the Red Sox. Martinez could slide into the everyday DH role, or move to the outfield if the club trades Jackie Bradley Jr. 

Hosmer is coming off a career season, in which he hit 25 home runs and posted an .882 OPS. The 28-year-old first baseman is also regarded as an energetic and positive clubhouse presence.

The Red Sox could fit both Martinez and Hosmer on their roster, assuming they jettison Hanley Ramirez or trade one of their starting outfielders. 

Dombrowski has acquired David Price and Chris Sale in consecutive offseasons. Despite the Red Sox’ early inactivity, there’s little reason to believe he won’t make another big splash, or two, this year.