Rex Ryan, who hasn't received interviews for head coaching jobs, seems to be taking out anger on Cody Parkey

Alex Reimer
January 08, 2019 - 11:27 am

Rex Ryan probably took his job at ESPN with the supposition it would be a short-term arrangement, biting him enough time for league executives to forget his largely disastrous head coaching runs with the Jets and Bills. But two years later, it looks like Ryan might be spending his Sundays in television studios for the long haul. The bombastic football man hasn’t received any reported interviews for head coaching positions across the league, and he appears to be taking out his apparent frustration on Bears kicker Cody Parkey.

On “Get Up” Monday, Ryan lambasted Parkey, saying he doesn’t feel bad for the veteran kicker after his game-losing missed field goal that bounced off the left upright. “My thoughts are, you’ve got one job to do, I mean, it comes down to one play,” Ryan said. “And coaches will always be–well, it’s not just that one play–yes it is. You have a job to do, you’ve got to make that kick. And the fact you didn’t, I don’t feel sorry for him. A lot of people–“I feel sorry for that kid.” Really? How about feeling sorry for his teammates and the fanbase you let down. I’m sorry. This guy doesn’t prepare. They don’t do meetings, they don’t do anything. You make a kick.”

Jay Feely, who played under Ryan with the Jets in 2009, called out his former head coach for his heartless take. “I love Rex but he knows everything he said here is completely false,” Feely wrote.

Upon replay review, Eagles defensive tackle Treyvon Hester tipped the 43-yard attempt, directing it to the left goal post. The NFL changed the kick from a “miss” to a “block” as well.

That doesn’t excuse Parkey. The kick should’ve been too high for an Eagles player to tip in another direction. Plus, as Ryan said, the game did come down to that one kick. If Parkey hits it, the Bears advance and move on. Even though the conditions at Soldier Field weren’t optimum, Parkey should’ve been able to nail the 43-yard attempt.

Still, Ryan went all-in on Parkey, leaving one to wonder if he’s angry about more than the missed kick. It didn’t take long for Ryan to become the scrooge at the analysts’ table. 

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