Rob Parker outrageously claims Bill Belichick's 'history of cheating' is ignored by media

Alex Reimer
July 23, 2019 - 1:02 pm

Fox Sports carnival barker Rob Parker doesn’t think Bill Belichick faces enough criticism in his career for his role in Spygate and other instances of alleged Patriots subterfuge. 

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OK, then.

On his radio show Monday, Parker said Belichick’s record is often whitewashed in the mainstream sports press. Apparently, the former Detroit-based sportswriter is one of millions of people who has cancelled his ESPN subscription in recent years.

“For whatever reason, Bill Belichick’s full story is never given,” Parker exclaimed. “When Michael Vick came back after the dog fighting, every time they mentioned his name they talked about the dog fighting and him going to jail. They NEVER mention that Bill Belichick cheated, got caught and had a $500,000 fine; the largest of any coach in the history of the NFL. It’s the reason Belichick can never, ever, EVER, be considered the greatest coach of all time. There will always be a cloud there for the way they do their business. We’re celebrating what the Patriots have done when they’re attached to nothing but scandal and Belichick leads the way. Why aren’t we telling his full story?? Someone is going to write a book and expose the New England Patriots. All I hear is Barry Bonds is a cheater, why isn’t Belichick a cheater?”

Given that Sports Illustrated once ran a feature story about the Patriots allegedly giving warm sports drinks to their opponents, it’s hard to figure out where Parker is coming from. Once again, his extreme anti-Patriots bias has blinded him from reality.

This is the point in the story where one would normally point out the hazy details surrounding Spygate, such as the fact the Patriots were penalized for filming opposing coaches from the wrong area of the field, and not the practice in general. And Deflategate, of course, was dubious from the start.

But reasoning with Parker is a futile ordeal. He deserves his piñata fate. 

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