Robert Kraft adds third high-profile attorney to defend him against prostitution charges

Alex Reimer
March 07, 2019 - 2:57 pm

Robert Kraft continues to beef up his legal team in an apparent effort to fight misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution. He’s recently hired high-profile defense attorney Alex Spiro, NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perry noticed after reading a Palm Beach County court filing. 

Spiro, who’s represented Jay-Z, Mick Jagger, Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman, is law partners with William A. Burck, the former George W. Bush White House lawyer whom Kraft hired earlier this week.

Kraft is also employing Jeffrey Epstein’s former attorney, Jeffrey Goldberger. The billionaire child sex trafficker reached a sweetheart plea deal with prosecutors that resulted in him staying 13 months in a county prison, with 16 hours of work release per day. A judge recently ruled the agreement was illegally kept from Epstein’s victims.

As the New York Times notes, Kraft could try to defend himself aggressively against the minimal charges. He could argue he did not solicit anybody for sex and that Jupiter police violated his Fourth Amendment rights during a traffic stop following his first alleged visit to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Police asked for Kraft’s identification, even though he was not driving the vehicle.

It’s also likely Kraft, 77, is hellbent on sealing the surveillance video that law enforcement says shows him engaging in sex acts with two workers at the spa.

But if Kraft were to take the case to trial, prosecutors could push to use the reported tapes as evidence. 

The Patriots’ owner will be arranged in court on March 28, but Goldberger says he doesn’t have to appear.