Three weeks later, authorities reportedly have no evidence of human trafficking in Robert Kraft prostitution case

Alex Reimer
March 14, 2019 - 11:20 am

Nearly three weeks ago, law enforcement agencies in South Florida held a widely covered news conference announcing the discovery of a massive prostitution ring they said was part of an even larger international human trafficking operation. Dozens of “johns” were ensnared in the case, including Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, which is why the charges received breathless coverage across the country. 

While police never said Kraft or any of the “johns” possessed knowledge of the alleged human trafficking sting, the accusations added a deeply sordid element to otherwise menial misdemeanor charges. While Kraft is only facing two counts of soliciting prostitution at a day spa in Jupiter, columnists and talking heads weren’t shy about tying him to the reported sex slavery at the locations in question.

But so far, authorities have not charged anybody with human trafficking, TMZ reports. The gossip website also says there is no evidence of trafficking, which led to the FBI and ICE separating themselves from the investigation, even though they knew about it five months ago.

Last week, the Miami New Times published a lengthy piece questioning the trafficking allegations. In it, journalist Bob Norman quotes a former police detective who wonders why police surveilled the dirty day spas for several months if women were being held captive at the locations. "The number one concern should have been to rescue the victims,"  John Rode said. “How could they look at this case as these women being victims and then watch the victims perform sex with the customers? It’s like letting a robbery occur and not doing anything.”

Kraft’s arraignment is scheduled for March 28. He’s hired at least three high-powered defense attorneys, including Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, to defend him against the charges. 

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