Police in Robert Kraft case cited spa's full refrigerator as human trafficking evidence, per report

Alex Reimer
June 21, 2019 - 12:38 pm

Florida authorities based their suspicions of human trafficking at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa on a crowded refrigerator, according to recently uncovered court documents. In an incredible investigative piece, Deadspin’s Diana Moskovitz and Hallie Lieberman reveal the evidence officers cited to obtain a warrant for surreptitious surveillance at the Orchids of Asia earlier this year. It is laughable, to say the least, and would be legitimately hilarious if it didn’t risk ruining the lives of the spa’s workers forever. 

Last October, Jupiter police opened an investigation into Robert Kraft’s day spa of choice, after a tip from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Online reviews indicated sexual services were offered at the spa. 

In addition to parking lot surveillance, Florida authorities contracted a state department health inspector to inspect the spa. In the warrant application, Detective Andrew Sharp said the state employee found two rooms with two beds, leading her to believe the spa’s female employees were sleeping there. It also said she found a full refrigerator, stuffed with food and condiments. In court, the inspector said it was more food than she had at home for her two adolescent sons, making her suspicious. 

But the actual inspection report only references the refrigerator, in the form of two pictures, which are published on Deadspin. The fridges, while full, do not seem unordinary. 

Despite the flimsy evidence –– detectives did uncover semen-filled napkins in the trash, but that doesn’t necessarily lead to human trafficking –– a warrant for surveillance was granted. Kraft was one of several patrons stopped for identification, though a judge has ruled neither video of Kraft in the spa nor the traffic stop can be used in the case. In other words, Kraft is well on his way to winning this.

The same cannot be said for the spa’s workers, however. Bereft of high-powered defense teams, the spa’s owner, 58-year-old Hua Zhang, and manager, 38-year-old Lei Wang were each charged with 26 misdemeanor prostitution counts, among various other charges, including one felony. Officials are attempting to seize Zhang’s home and already seized passports for some of Wang’s family members. Wang spent six weeks in prison.

Florida police may have made an example of Kraft, but his life will go on unscathed. Per usual, the less powerful are facing law enforcement’s full wrath. 

Read the full Deadspin report here.

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