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Robert Kraft reportedly has direct line to President Trump

Alex Reimer
May 15, 2018 - 1:24 pm

Only a few dozen people have a direct line to President Trump, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft is reportedly one of them.

Olivia Nuzzi’s story in New York Magazine about the love affair between Donald Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity contains many mouth-dropping anecdotes. Hannity phones Trump almost every night, according to sources, and the two New Yorkers gab about everything from media gossip to Kanye West. 

Trump, who notoriously leans on advisers outside of the White House, has cleared the way for members of his shadow cabinet to contact him at any time. The names listed in the story are his sons, Eric and Don Jr.; private-equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman; media billionaire Rupert Murdoch; real-estate billionaire Tom Barrack; Kraft; and Hannity. 

Kraft has publicly supported Trump on economic issues during his presidency, telling the New York Times his longtime pal’s policies will be “great for America.” The two billionaires cemented their friendship seven years ago, when Kraft’s wife, Myra, was dying. Kraft says Trump called him every week for a year afterwards. 

When Republicans passed their long-awaited tax cuts last year, Trump claims Kraft called him to announce he was purchasing a new plant in North Carolina for his paper and packaging company. Kraft’s suppose plans to buy the new plant have not been confirmed. 

Despite their friendship, Kraft has criticized Trump for his antagonizing language about players who kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice. The Patriots owner reportedly called Trump’s words “divisive” and “horrible” during a league meeting last fall. 

Interstingly enough, Kraft appears to be one of the few people from whom Trump can take criticism. Last September, the insecure Commander-in-Chief said he was “OK” with Kraft’s difference of opinion on the anthem issue. 

Perhaps that's because Kraft is a real billionaire, whereas Trump might not be

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