Mike Florio tells M&C it 'feels inevitable' law enforcement will leak Robert Kraft video

Alex Reimer
April 19, 2019 - 11:04 am

It appears as if Robert Kraft’s sex tape is on the brink of getting released. Earlier this week, Florida prosecutors argued state law mandates they publicize the videos immediately, despite the hearing on the matter scheduled for April 29. A judge blocked the authorities’ wish, however, ruling they must wait until a court order. 

But that’s not the only way the spa videos could be shown to the public. The other involves leaking the tapes to tabloids for money, and that seems to be what’s happening. According to The Blast, which was founded by a former TMZ news director, video of Kraft inside the Orchids of Asia Day Spa is being shopped around. The gossip website says it verified the tape, but didn’t disclose who is shopping it or how much money the leaker is asking for the salacious scene. 

In an interview Friday with “Mut & Callahan,” ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio said he thinks it’s inevitable the tape comes out, given the heightened acrimony surrounding the case. 

“There seems like there’s such a strong motivation from law enforcement to put the hammer down on Bob Kraft,” he explained. “It’s turned so ugly and contentious that it does feel like it’s inevitable that this thing is going to be leaked one way or the other. It’s either going to publicly made available, and if they do block all avenues for it to be publicly disclosed, somebody is going to find a way to privately leak it. But there will be hell to pay if that happens, because you’ll be able to argue there’s a violation of the law embedded there somewhere, and there will be some pressure definitely from Bob Kraft’s camp, and maybe from the public at large to address what would be an unlawful activity of leaking a video before there is legal authorization to do so.”

Though the release of the tape may be imminent, Florio says there’s no timetable on the NFL’s discipline, which likely won't be announced until after the case is resolved. Since Kraft is not accused of a violent crime, he will not be placed on the commissioner exempt list. 

“The challenge for the league is going to be, if Bob Kraft emerges from this with a full and complete exoneration, do you still take action against him?,” Florio said. “If this were a player who was accused of soliciting prostitution –– misdemeanor counts –– and ultimately was acquitted or had the case dismissed, they’re not going to do anything to him. But because it’s an owner, and we hear all of the time the owners are held to a higher standard, and everything they’ve done to players who haven’t been arrested, I think the nuance is going to be lost on the average person, and they’re going to have to do something –– even if he’s fully exonerated.”

If the video does come out, Kraft better hope it happens after he’s been punished. History shows public videos change the entire conversation around these situations, no matter how inconsistent that may sound.

“The video comes out and it changes everything,” Florio said. “It happened with Ray Rice. They had already disciplined Ray Rice, and then the video came out and they disciplined him again. Kareem Hunt, they weren’t going to do anything to him, but then the video comes out. This is different, because there’s no act of violence there, but there’s just something about video changing the analysis. Even though we know what the video will show, it changes everything. It’s going to be inescapable. The league will have to do something here. I think the best outcome would be Robert Kraft imposing a sanction on himself that’s much more than the commissioner would consider doing.”