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Second-rate Fox Sports host says the book is out on Tom Brady: 'He ain't going to beat you running the football'

Alex Reimer
November 19, 2018 - 1:33 pm

Fox Sports radio host Jason McIntyre is seemingly the last person on the planet who’s opined on Tom Brady’s bad game against the Titans. His take is worth the wait.

On his show Saturday, McIntyre issued the brave proclamation that Brady has struggled over the last three weeks. If you are unaware, Brady has thrown only one touchdown during that stretch. 

Later in his monologue, McIntyre said teams have now figured out how to beat Brady. Up until this point, defenses were clueless about how to game plan for the quarterback who’s started the third-most games in NFL history. But now, they know to get pressure on him, because he’s a slow runner.  

It’s OK if this stuff is too overwhelming to comprehend at first place. It is truly mind-blowing analysis. 

“If you watch Tom Brady closely, he has not been great the last three weeks,” McIntyre said. “The book is out on Tom Brady. Get pressure on him. Get him off his spot. He ain’t going to beat you running the football. I’m not concerned he’s a terrible quarterback. That’s not accurate. But he certainly has not been great the last three weeks. And if you’re the Patriots and Bill Belichick, you have to wonder, ‘Where do we go from here?’”

One of the big challenges in radio is presenting fresh content. While the topics may not change all that much in a weeklong span, it is imperative to come up with different talking points. McIntyre failed in all of those categories with his six-day-old Brady monologue. Next he’s going to tell us how Brady was a sixth-round draft pick, or maybe he’ll inform us about Bill Belichick’s dour persona at the podium. I hear The Hoodie isn’t always friendly to the press. Need confirmation, though.