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Shannon Sharpe rips Tom Brady for fake retirement video: 'Tom, you're not funny'

Alex Reimer
December 05, 2018 - 11:31 am

Shannon Sharpe thinks Tom Brady should keep his comedic stylings to himself.

The Patriots’ quarterback posted a faux retirement video to Instagram this week, in honor of his 1,000-yard rushing plateau. Brady said it was the last achievement he wanted to accomplish, and is now content to walk away, much like his wife wants (I added in the last part).

Well, Sharpe did not find the humor in Brady joking about such a serious matter. The Hall of Fame tight end lambasted Brady on “First Things First” for his viral social media prank. “Hated it,” Sharpe said. “Tom, you’re not funny. You’re not funny. He’s corny. You’re golly, shucks, gee whiz. Peyton Manning is funny, hence the ‘Saturday Night Live,’ you see him in his commercials. He’s funny. Tom, that’s not you. Stay in your lane, do what you do.”

Sharpe is right: Peyton Manning is a better actor than Brady. But that doesn’t mean the GOAT can’t try to show his personality, too. It’s just an Instagram video, after all.

One could say Sharpe’s apparent outrage is faker than Brady’s retirement announcement.