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Skip Bayless claims Bill Belichick doesn't 'respect' Aaron Rodgers after innocuous mic'd up comments

Alex Reimer
November 08, 2018 - 11:40 am

The Showtime cameras caught Bill Belichick in a fleeting moment of in-game candor about Aaron Rodgers when addressing his defense during the Patriots’ 31-17 win over the Packers Sunday. Naturally, the situation calls for a classic Skip Bayless overreaction. 

Belichick was the star of this week’s “Inside the NFL,” which mic’d him up for New England’s primetime affair against the Packers. Per usual, the product is excellent, featuring Belichick berating officials on the sidelines and nonchalantly asking Tom Brady whether he intended to throw the ball to Josh Gordon on his game-sealing 55-yard touchdown catch. Perhaps the most notable scene came when Belichick was encouraging his pass-rush to keep pressuring Rodgers.

“Keep him in the pocket. He's tried to throw us two interceptions now. We're gonna get one. He's just lobbing it up there,” Belichick said.

To rational folks, those comments are nothing more than a coach trying to pump up his team. But to Bayless, it was a sign of abhorrent disrespect –– especially since Belichick praised Rodgers prior to the big game.

“I was shocked he would speak so negatively about a quarterback he praised so profusely ahead of the football game,” Bayless said Wednesday on his FS1 show. “ I think he revealed his true view of Aaron Rodgers, for whom he doesn’t have much respect, or he would’ve never gone there. I am here to suggest no other head coach in this league would be caught saying that on a microphone about Tom Brady. They’d just be too afraid of him. You just don’t speak that way about Tom Brady.

“I think you heard the truth. I think you heard, effectively, behind closed doors and it got out to the public.”

After the game, the live mic caught Belichick telling Rodgers he’s “the best,” despite his 2-for-7 performance in the fourth quarter. How two-faced, right Skip?