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Skip Bayless proclaims Bill 'Smell-ichick' has lost his coaching ability

Alex Reimer
September 17, 2018 - 9:19 am

Skip Bayless has a new nickname for Bill Belichick following the Patriots’ debacle in Jacksonville: Bill SMELL-ICHICK

A reported annual salary of $5 million has never bought so little.

We dedicate lots of column space and airtime to ripping Max Kellerman for his idiotic Tom Brady opinions, which will surely be out in full force once “First Take” hits the airwaves Monday morning. But Bayless was lighting up the Twittersphere Sunday with some barbs about Belichick that will make your eyes roll.

In addition to the Smell-ichick moniker, Bayless proclaimed Belichick is no longer a strategic mastermind. “This is starting to look like the Super Bowl. Belichick's defense getting SHREDDED,” Bayless wrote, adding the all-caps for emphasis, obviously. “Genius, what genius??? Blake Bortles is looking even better than Nick Foles did in scoring 41 on The Genius.”

Bayless also reminded his 2.86 million followers –– yes, there really are that many –– about Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl benching on two occasions. It fits into his emerging narrative that Belichick has lost it.

In other FS1 news, one of Bayless’ cohorts, Rob Parker, fired off a tweet Sunday about how WEEI won’t invite him on the air following Patriots’ losses. 

With all of this buildup, maybe Monday’s episode of “Undisputed” will rate higher than “Puppy Dog Pals.” 

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