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Skip Bayless compares Belichick playing Brady for entire first half against Eagles to benching Butler in Super Bowl

Alex Reimer
August 17, 2018 - 9:25 am

Skip Bayless didn’t wait until his lowly rated TV show to spew some Patriots hot takes this week. He started on Twitter during New England’s preseason game against the Eagles Thursday night. 

Tom Brady played the entire first half in the Patriots’ 37-20 win, going 19-of-26 for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Despite experiencing a minor back injury last week, Brady appeared to pick up right where he left off. His performance made two quarters of meaningless football enjoyable. 

But Bayless didn’t see any appeal to leaving Brady out there for an extended period of time. The talking head hammered Bill Belichick for the decision, saying he doesn’t think the coach has his quarterback’s best interests in mind.

“Not sure why Belichick is playing Brady for, apparenty (sic), THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF OF ONLY THE SECOND PRESEASON GAME,” Bayless tweeted. “When it comes to Brady, I no longer trust Belichick. He wanted Jimmy G but was forced to trade him.”

Minutes later, Bayless upped the ante, declaring Belichick’s decision to play Brady for the first half is comparable to benching Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl. 

“No idea what Belichick is trying to prove,” Bayless wrote. “Playing Brady for the entire 1st half of the 2nd preseason game is almost as weird as not playing Malcolm Butler in the SBowl.”

Hey, at least Bayless said it was “almost as weird.” Give him credit for not going all the way.