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Skip Bayless uses Gordon Hayward injury to rip LeBron James

Alex Reimer
October 17, 2017 - 11:34 pm

Normal people showed empathy when Gordon Hayward fractured his ankle in the first few minutes of the Celtics’ season-opener against the Cavaliers Tuesday. But Skip Bayless viewed it as an opportunity to put down LeBron James.

Bayless declared Hayward’s injury now makes it easier for James to choke in the Finals. “If Gordon Hayward is gone, maybe for the season, LeBron's path to losing a sixth finals gets even easier,” the miserable son of a bitch tweeted

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitch usually mocks Bayless with his weekly ratings update –– “Puppy Dog Pals” recently beat “Undisputed!” –– but opted for the straight putdown this time. 

“No ratings tweets on this one. “Just a reminder that executives have paid this clownf— sports TV goon millions and it's sickening,” he said

Bayless, who sets his watch to Eastern Time despite living on the West Coast, is not a real person. This soulless take proves it. 

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