'Blues legend' Wayne Gretzky? Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce? St. Louis showed embarrassing sports scene in Stanley Cup Final

Alex Reimer
June 04, 2019 - 10:09 am

The Bruins have been blessed with support from their Boston sports brethren throughout their Stanley Cup run. Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick waved the banner, Jaylen Brown showed his support, and Robert Kraft waved the vaunted Barstool towel. The sports teams stick together around here, at least publicly. It is one of our best traditions.

Of course, other far less sports-rich cities don’t enjoy the same uniting customs. That’s how we get Wayne Gretzky introduced as a “Blues legend” during Game 4, even though he only played 18 games for St. Louis. 

This sad reality also explains Patrick Mahomes’ and Travis Kelce’s presences at Enterprise Arena for Game 3. They play for the Kansas City Chiefs, of course, which is not the same as playing for a team from St. Louis. The two cities are nearly 248 miles apart.

New York and Boston, for comparison’s sake, are just 215 miles away from each other.

There is already immense speculation about who will serve as the Bruins’ banner captain when the series returns to the TD Garden Thursday. Maybe it will be Tom Brady, or perhaps Gronk will make his highly anticipated return. 

Regardless, it will be better than screaming Brett Hull. The series may be tied, but the Bruins boast far better affiliations. 

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