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Surprise! Tom Brady says he would pick Mark Wahlberg to play him in a movie

Alex Reimer
November 21, 2018 - 11:17 am

Tom Brady may have given Mark Wahlberg the greatest compliment of his career.

In his weekly interview with good pal Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio, Brady said he would choose the A-list actor ––and Dorchester native, in case you haven’t heard –– to play him in a movie. “I’m going to go with Mark Wahlberg,” Brady said. “A Boston legend, (from) Dorchester, one of the just ‘grind it out’ kind of guys.”

It’s debatable whether Wahlberg is a “grind it out kind of guy,” considering he wakes up at 2:30 a.m. to work out and spends time in a Cryo Chamber to recover –– whatever that means. But at least we now know Wahlberg's excuse for skipping out of Super Bowl LI at halftime. With that kind of schedule, it’s a miracle he was able to stay up until dark.

No word on whether Brady knows Marky Mark gave up on him before the greatest comeback of his career. If so, perhaps his opinion would change.