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Tedy Bruschi tells OMF he doesn't think Josh McDaniels is good fit for Packers

Alex Reimer
December 06, 2018 - 11:41 am

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is being touted as one of the favorites to land the Packers’ head coach job. But Tedy Bruschi thinks the partnership would be a bad match.

In his weekly interview with OMF Wednesday, the ex-Patriots linebacker said he thinks Aaron Rodgers is too headstrong for McDaniels. Rodgers’ relationship with head coach Mike McCarthy reportedly disintegrated due to disagreements over the play-calling.

“Josh McDaniels may be the best thing for Aaron Rodgers in terms of giving him a system that he can trust, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers wants that,” Bruschi said. “Aaron Rodgers wants the power in terms of ‘I want to be able to do what I want to do and turn this play, whatever you call, into whatever play I turn it into and that’s my best skill.’ But that skill is running out for him.”

Bruschi goes on to say he thinks McDaniels will want to call the plays, which would likely displease Rodgers, who presumably wants to run the offensive operation. “You gotta bring in a coach and the first question you ask is, ‘Alright you and Aaron, do you think you’d get along?,’” Bruschi explained. “And a lot of coaches are going to say, ‘Yeah, yeah we’ll get along. I love Aaron Rodgers’ and all this and all that. But once you start calling plays, things change.”

Despite spurning the Colts last season, McDaniels is still listed as one of the top head coaching candidates this offseason. In addition to the Packers, he’s often linked to the Browns job, which Baker Mayfield makes more attractive than ever before. McDaniels is also from the area, and would almost certainly be able to call the plays in Cleveland while Mayfield develops.