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Tim Hasselbeck on K&C says Tom Brady is playing best football of his career

Alex Reimer
November 13, 2017 - 11:35 am

It’s cliche at this point to say Tom Brady is playing the best football of his career. But the evidence is undeniable. Through nine games this season, Brady leads the NFL in yards and has thrown 19 touchdowns with just two interceptions. He dissected the hapless Broncos Sunday night, throwing for 266 yards and three touchdown passes. 

The 40-year-old Brady is posting another MVP-caliber campaign. On “Kirk & Callahan” Monday, ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck explained why Brady remains the best quarterback in football. 

“I can't say I've seen anything from (Brady) that makes me feel like he's throwing the ball any differently,” Hasselbeck said. “Movement has never been a massive part of his game, and a lot has been made of how well he moves inside the pocket, I think you could almost make the argument that because he's been pretty aware in the pocket and he's given himself up at times, he's avoided taking some hits. That's not how you teach young quarterbacks to play the position, but I think it's served him really well. I would agree. When you're playing as well as anybody else in the league, if not better than all of them, then it's pretty fair to say your game hasn't diminished.”

The contrast between the Patriots and rest of the league grows starker on a weekly basis. That was apparent Sunday night, with the Broncos surrendering 41 points to New England at home. While Brady’s greatness and Bill Belichick’s coaching are two of the biggest reasons for the Patriots’ prolonged dominance, Hasselbeck said it runs even deeper than that.

“Look around the league. TY Hilton kind of goes after the (Colts') offensive line. Giants players are getting suspended for various reasons,” Hasselbeck said. “To get rid of that in the NFL is not easy. ... We talk about why the Patriots win all of these games. Certainly there's a culture that's been developed. I don't think you can debate that, just based on the track record. It seems as if players behave differently in New England than they do other places. You've seen it when guys go to other places. You've seen people not play as well or do things they haven't done elsewhere. It's not just one coach. It's the entire staff, and the culture that's been created by all of the coaches, as well as the leadership of the players.” 

K&C - Tim Hasselbeck thinks Brady is playing his best football 11-13-17

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