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Football Outsider guy who hates Brady tries to rekindle Brady-Manning debate one more time

Alex Reimer
September 27, 2018 - 1:00 pm

The Tom Brady-Peyton Manning debate was settled years ago, when the former was producing some of the best seasons of his career while the latter could barely throw a football 10 yards. That is, except in the eyes of one of Brady’s most notorious critics.

Football Outsider’s Scott Kacsmar, who laughably proclaimed last year Brady is a system quarterback, tweeted out a comparison Wednesday of Brady’s career statistics lined up against Manning’s. He says he brought up the numbers, because the two quarterbacks have now played the same amount of games.

As you see, Kacsmar highlights touchdown passes, where Manning holds a slight 14-TD advantage. Of course, Manning also threw 83 more interceptions in the same amount of games, which is far more significant than a small lead in TD passes.

Brady and Manning will go down as the two best quarterbacks of their generation, and statistically, they’re very similar. For example: Brady’s QB rating is 96.6, and Manning’s is 95.6. But what puts Brady over the top is his incredible postseason success and longevity. He won the NFL MVP at 40 years old, and Manning has been out of the league for three seasons.

This argument is all over, despite Kacsmar’s feeble attempt to give it another life.